Traverses are among railroad construction machineries located between rail and ballast and conduct the force from rail to ballast as well as making the line width invariable.

Specifications: Monoblock Sleeper B70- UIC60

Name: Mono Block Pre-stressed Concrete Sleeper B70
Axle Load:25 tons
Operating Speed: ۲۵۰ km/h
Length: ۲۶۰۰ mm
Supporting Surface Area: ۶۸۰۰ cm2
Fastening System:Vossloh w14
Rail Type: UIC 60 – UIC 54

Manufactured sleepers come with following specifications:

  1. The contact area of sleeper with ballast must be enough extended to prevent exceeding the pressure applied on the ballast more than its permissible limit.
  2. It must have enough strength and flexibility;
  3. Its geometry must be such that preventing the longitudinal and transversal displacement;
  4. It must be stable against climate factors.

Types of Sleepers:

۱٫Regular Monoblock Concrete Sleeper:

Producing pre-stressed mono block concrete sleeper of types B58 and B70: these sleepers upon the requirements of customers are produced in the factory for producing the concrete sleeper according to international standards and observing all technical and engineering parameters.

۲٫Regular Di Block Concrete Sleeper:

Currently, the manufacturing factory of this company can produce types of di block sleepers used in the tunnels, metro lines,.. for being used in UIC60, UIC54 and S49 lines based on qualitative principles and standards as well as technical and engineering parameters.