Khaf – Harat

Khaf-Khatat Construction Project – HeratEmployer: A parent company specializing in the construction and development of transport infrastructure of the country
Contract Type: Procurement and Construction
Contract Duration: 9 months
Project location: Razavi Khorasan Province
Project objectives:
The eastern rail corridor connects the port of Chabahar and via Dubai to the transportation network of Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and China.
Khaf-Sangan-Herat is part of the eastern corridor with a length of 191 km. Two parts of these railway lines are located in Iran and two other parts are located in Afghanistan.
Considering the Sangan iron ore mine in Khaf, a significant portion of this iron ore will be transported through the railway.
Therefore, development of the railway from Khaf to the southern part of the country is considered as one of the government’s infrastructure programs in this section.
From the international perspective, considering the huge mineral resources of Afghanistan and the importance of the development of Sangan mine, the use of railways for access to free waters is noted.
The Khaf-Herat railway line, which runs 76.8 km in a straight line, is separated from the 24 km of Sangan-Torbat Heidarieh along the border line to the border point.
This line is based on a pivot load of 25 tons and a speed of 160 km / h.
Scope of the project: The scope of the project includes the procurement of equipment and materials, construction and construction of a railroad pavement.
Technical Information:
– Rails construction: Approximately 90 km
-Building station: 5 stations
Needle number: 54 pcs
– High-speed stone: Approximately 224 thousand cubic meters
– The number of traverses used: approximately 150 thousand
Arriel: Approximately 11,000 tons