Ballast (Railway Installations & Constructions Engineering) Company as the GC is an active company in project management and implementation in the field of Railway superstructure and infrastructure , slab track construction, railway reconstructions & renovation Road infrastructure and superstructure bridge & tunnel construction , landscaping ,also this company is active in manufacturing ballast stones , sleepers, pretension slab. Ballast company knows that cooperation with scientific research centers, benefiting from the experiences of efficient manpower, and using the today world technology is mirror for reflecting its capabilities, in this regard he company’s overall vision is to achieve the consent of the employer and clients.
The Board of Directors of company is committed themselves to implement and manage projects in this way based on international standards. Also the board of directors attempt to create suitable and dynamic platform for continues improvement and effectiveness to achieve clients satisfaction, decreasing time variance of projects implementation, increasing human capital knowledge in technical aspects, increasing in market share, increasing competition capability and durability capability in market accord to client’s future and current needs.