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Tehran –karaj Increasing Railways Project

Client: Islamic Republic of Iran Railways(RAI)
Type of Contract: EPC
Contract Period: 18 months
Location: Tehran and Alborz Province

Project Outline
One of the goals that the government is following through 2025 vision is to increase the overall capacity of national railway system. Multiple railway projects have been defined all around the country in order to reach this goal. One of them is the project to add new rail lines to Karaj-Tehran Railway which completion of it will lead to:

  • Reduction in travel time with increasing available rail lines to 4
  • Ability to be used as a transit line with activation of international north-south corridor
  • Creating railway connection with Central Asian, Caucasus and European countries through Mashhad-Tabriz railway and Sarakhs, Jolfa, Razi and Bazargan Customs.
  • Increasing the capacity of railway system Railway construction: 75 km

Scope of Work
The project's scope of work includes provision of engineering, supply of equipment & materials, construction and installation works, laying rails, electrical equipment,

Key Statistics

  • Laying rail: approximately 60 km
  • Bridge: 23
  • Station: 1
  • Station improvement: 4
  • Aqueduct: 37
  • Intersection: 23
  • Earthmoving operations: 1,000,000 m3
  • Framework: 70,000 m3
  • Reinforcement: 5500 tons
  • Concrete: 53000 m3