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What was the topics in the Annual General Assembly.

Thu, 08/02/2018 - 14:56 -- admin
What was the topics in the Annual General Assembly. Midterm goals of Ballast Co. were achieved  Annual General Assembly of Ballast co. was hold with participation of the majority of shareholders in amphitheater of Mahak Charity Institute. According to the report of Public Relation Department of company in this meeting Mr. Ebrahim Mohammdi, General Managing and Member of the Company’s Board, highlighted the performance report of Board Members for last fiscal year and explained the projects being carried out by the company.  In this session, auditor and legal inspector of company, reported their results to the audience. Based on the board's performance report, Ballast co. in the 1396 fiscal year laid off some of its staff in order to get competitive advantage. Developing rail fleet, getting bigger share of market in rail freight network, developing the field of production and transportation of ballast stone, developing technology department of company and presence in international markets are part of long term goals of company.     However, during the past year, Ballast co. had been targeting the transparency of information, providing requested reports by the Stock Exchange Organization, increasing the level of services and products of the company by maintaining quality, activating all manufacturing workshops and increasing the company's share of the market for rail projects. According to the Mr. Mohammadi’s report, in most of cases, company achieved the goals, that its results are significant in the company's financial statements. The company produced 501 thousand and 685 cubic meters of ballast stone last year and forecasted producing 700,000 tons of ballast for current fiscal year. During this meeting, the company's financial statements for the fiscal year ended March 31, 1396 were approved and decisions regarding the other items were made.