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Visit of the Vice President from the Mianeh-Tabriz Railway Project

Tue, 08/14/2018 - 15:58 -- admin
Visit of the Vice President from the Mianeh-Tabriz Railway Project. Dr. Nobakhte, Vice President and Head of Plan and Budget Organization, along with MPs and Deputy of Minister of the Roads and Urban Development, visited the Mianeh-Tabriz Railways Project. During this visit, Dr. Nobakhte, announced that this project has positively evaluated and 4500 billion Rails for completing the project were allocated. Khademi, Deputy of Minister of Roads and Urban Development and General Managing of Construction and Development of Transportation Infrastructures Company announced that, infrastructure of Mianeh to Bostanabad railways has completed and the infrastructure of Bostanabad to Tabriz railways with 62% physical progress is under construction. He continued the progress of superstructure of the Mianeh to Tabriz is 65 percent and if we gain the budget on time this project will be finish in arranged time. He add in order to complete the Mianeh-Tabriz railways project, the government has provided 3000 billion Rials treasury documents and 1500billion Rails cash. The path of this Railways starts from Mianeh city and after passing by Turkmenchay and Bostanabad cities and Shabli area reaches to Tabriz city. The most important achievement of this project is reduction in distance and time of travel and increasing travel speed.