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Implementation of the installation of railways in the form of slabs track

Tue, 05/01/2018 - 16:56 -- admin
Implementation of the first project for installing railways by using slab Track method in presence of Dr. Zakeri (Deputy of construction and development of transportation infrastructures company and president of science and technology university) and Mr.Cyrus Jafari general managing and vice Head of board of Ballast company and Several of the deputies and managers of the company opened and started at Rudshur Station, 700-meter length as pilot project. The installation of slab tracks in the world has grown dramatically and has been used in high speed trails, tunnels, bridges and stations and comparing with ballast stone system it has economic advantage and can be beneficial for the future of the company and the entrepreneur. The production of concrete slab tracks in the past two years has been underway by the company and has been exhibited at the 2017 railways industry exhibition.