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Ballast company as the best National Constructor

Sun, 02/18/2018 - 13:19 -- admin
From Iranian Structural Engineering was elected “Ballast company as the best National Constructor” Newsgroup – Ballast co won the Best Construction Award. In the 4th International Conference of Structural Engineering, Cyrus Jafari said to our reporter: The project of increase the Tehran-Karaj railway lines was won by the Ballast Company in 2017 bid. Now with the completion of the construction of the Karaj River Bridge, we have won the Best Structural Award at this conference. Managing director of the ballast company, pointed out that if the condition of employer’s payment was better, the bridge would be completed in less time. He explained that the bridge had a different infrastructure in comparison with other samples in the country and we did our best to make it more beautiful. He said this bridge is 175 meters from the total project of 42 km of the Tehran-Karaj railway, and the complexity of the bridge structure is distinguished between the three neighboring bridges. He believes that in this national project, although we paid more for its molding and the implementation was costly, but it is more beautiful and symbol of Iranian art of architecture. Mr. Jafari discussed the financing of the project and said: Unfortunately, in this project, like in other construction projects in the country ,promissory notes were used which  the contractor has to provide these securities bonds  with a fraction of the actual figure in the market in order to obtain the necessary financial resources on time.