BALLAST was selected as NICE Brand

“BALLAST” was selected as NICE Brand Iranian Brand Confederation elected Railways Installation & Constructions Engineering Co.(BALLAST) as NICE Brand. At meeting of one hundred National Honor Managers while General Managing of Ballast co. was elected as one of the National Honor Directors, secretariat Iranian Brand Confederation gave the certification of Nice Brand to him.  General Managing pointed to the company’s efforts to implement short-term and long-term plans and continued, this year which is called “The year of support of domestic products”, the ballast company was able to achieve the new honor in the brand name with its impressive presence in the field of infrastructure of the country. Mr.Mohammadi By evaluating positive trend of the projects said According to his visits, projects are in desirable physical progress and at present time, about 40 Railway and Construction projects are being implementing by Ballast Company, which includes the project of infrastructure and superstructure of Meayaneh-Tabrize Railways, the implementation of increasing lines of Tehran –Karaj project and the implementation of the Shahmtigh project which is located at the Afghan border. He emphasized on the boost of the Ballast stone sales and the presence at new tenders in this regards and as well as presence in neighbor countries’ market, as part of his programs.